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NOTICE: This page references an earlier design of Opera’s Forums which has changed a couple of times since.

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Opera Forums

My direction in the project was to follow closely the company’s existing design language for opera.com along with using Vanilla as the forum package. I was allowed to do the necessary front-end programming on the project because of my proficiency with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Aside from the usual interface design necessary in such a project I also created default avatar images to be used by forum users and some achievement badges for various accomplishments they earned on the forums:

Opera Forum Avatars & Badges
Opera Forum Avatars & Achievement Badges

It was an enjoyable — if long — project to work on. Vanilla’s code is quite volatile and made working on necessary components difficult at times. Because of its volatility we had the necessity to maintain it and look out for bugs right up until the end of my employment at Opera Software.

The Opera Forums may be visited at forums.opera.com.