Aniki di Venere

Digital painting of a male version of the Birth of Venus underwater with eggplants falling all around him


You have found my secret room. You’re most likely visiting here as a result of inputting the Konami code on any page on this website. I sincerely hope you have effectively become entranced by the brilliant combination of the display image and the music.1 If not, that’s great, too.

While I would love to have said that this came from my own twisted mind, I simply cannot. The lovely painting above is a depiction of one of the bosses from the TurboGrafx-CD/PC-Engine CD-ROM game Ai Cho Aniki, released in 1995. Ai Cho Aniki in Japanese literally means “Love Super Big Brother” and is a surprisingly good shoot ’em up game. I could continue to explain the game myself, but Luisfius, who has created multiple Cho Aniki series Let’s Play videos on YouTube, I believe has already done a much better job at describing the game than I probably can:

It is pretty damn weird; it has some strange visuals; it has good music; and it has strange gameplay. It is somewhat of a mixture between a shmup — a shoot ’em up — and a fighting game. It also stars instead of a ship, or magical girls, or something a homosexual bodybuilder… with a hole in his head who also shoots energy beams through that hole in his head…

Please by all means go watch his glorious videos.2 His reactions to the zaniness of the game are quite entertaining. Why take the time to paint something like this? Well… why not? I find the game absolutely hilarious, and it’s a lot of fun to creep people out.

  1. Provided you are using a browser that supports the JavaScript audio APIs.
  2. Unfortunately his playlist is in the wrong order, so you will have to manually select the videos to watch if you wish to watch them in proper order.